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Let us fix your website the right way. No matter how bad the issues are, our website engineers will fix it! Our website repair crew is very professional and has experience in all things web related. We promise that your issue will be resolved in a timely manner and we guarantee our work!

We guarantee to repair your stated issue after payment is confirmed. We will work diligently on your support ticket until the contracted issue is resolved!

We value you as a customer and will do our best to provide you with courteous and professional service. Give us a chance to make your life easier!

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How it works...

Our site is designed with your online security in mind. Thus we have two separate site areas that are available to you once you subscribe to our services. Our services consist of two excellent service plans (Basic and Pro) for small and medium sized websites. In addition, we offer a pay-per-incident plan (Pro Pass).

Once you choose the appropriate website repair plan for your needs, you can subscribe using the “register” button. At that time, you can pick your preferred plan and payment method. After your payment is confirmed, you will arrive at a personalized Home page. This page gives you access to everything you will need to manage your account and submit a support ticket.

If you need to request support, just follow the directions on your subscription Home page. Please note that you must make an additional account login for our support system (email used must match your subscription email). From there you can submit a support request for one issue. Soon after, someone will contact you for more information so that our skilled technicians can access your site and perform requested website repairs.

Please note that the "Help" button is also available for your convenience. If you need to speak with us, you can call us at (702) 675-8230.


One-Time Services

Our website repair one-time services plan was created to help people who need help right away and do not expect to use our service regularly. Select the "Register" button to signup!

What you get for $99:
  • Access to our support portal
  • Ability to submit one support ticket for a single issue
  • Includes all of the website repair services of the Pro Plan
  • Ability to reactivate for a new incident without all of the hassle

If you are not sure which plan is best, just click on the chat button so we can help you decide.


Service Subscriptions

Our website repair subscription plans are a great value for active personal and small business websites.

The Basic Plan is a great for personal sites that need occasional attention. The Pro Plan is the best value for small business sites or very active personal sites. You can check out what each plan offers by clicking a button below. Select the "Register" button to signup!

Select a button for a plan overview.

About Us

The errordetective.com website is owned and operated by Del Monico Web Services LLC, which was started in 2010. Del Monico Web Services is a Nevada Corporation that specializes in webmaster services and custom website development. We offer a family of products that are well-known for outstanding customer service and quality of work. We aim to please whenever possible.

With the popularity of DIY websites and increased public DIY projects, there is a growing market for website repair and migration. The errordetective.com website is a product that has emerged from that market demand. Please poke around our site to discover the benefits of a paid subscription. The subscription service was designed to make website maintenance and repair affordable.

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